Quntum Insider Interview with QBee, A Belgian Quantum Startup

24 October 2023 — Quantum Climate Challenge: Bridging Quantum Computing and Climate Solutions

  • First Belgian Quantum start-up prevails 
  • Contribute to the fight against climate change 
  • Deloitte and QBee’s dual role helps tackle climate-related challenges while developing quantum ecosystems.
  • Image: Winning EcoQult team: chemical engineer Kourosh Sayar Dogahe, Tamara Sarac and data scientist Delphine De Smedt (provided)

Leverage Quantum Computing for a better future:  That is the idea behind Deloitte’s yearly Quantum Climate Challenge. This year the focus was on quantum simulation of chemical reactions. Team  EcoQult convinced the jury and won first prize. The team consists of three  employees from the Belgian start-up qBee, which deals with quantum  computing for chemical application.

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