QBee is positioned to be a catalyst for the integration of quantum computing into industrial operations. Beyond theoretical advancements, the company is committed to assisting industrial firms in building quantum-competent teams. This involves collaborating to identify and nurture talent with a deep understanding of quantum principles, ensuring that companies can effectively leverage the transformative potential of quantum technology. QBee’s comprehensive approach extends to practical implementation, offering hands-on training and skill development. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to optimizing quantum algorithms, working closely with industrial partners to design and implement algorithms tailored to address specific operational challenges. By bridging the gap between theory and practical application, QBee envisions a future where industrial companies seamlessly integrate quantum computing, unlocking unprecedented computational power and efficiency in their workflows.


Universities should align their focus with quantum computing logic and research, recognizing the unique nature of quantum thinking compared to conventional digital approaches. This shift is essential across diverse scientific fields, spanning many fields including chemistry, genomics, finance etc. QBee has initiated the instruction of several courses at Ghent University, catering to Master’s students. This curriculum aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of quantum concepts and applications, contributing to their proficiency in this cutting-edge field.

QBee now is supervising Ph.D. Students at Ghent University and also teaching the following courses to Master level students

  • Introduction to Quantum Computing
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum Programming
  • Quantum Micro-architecture
  • Quantum Computational Chemistry
  • Quantum computing and Genomic
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