Winner of Worldwide Deloitte's Quantum Climate Competition 2023, Hannover, Germany

On April 19, 2023 – QBee’s Computational Chemistry team emerged victorious in Deloitte’s Quantum Climate Competition 2023, triumphing over 59 global teams. The focal point of this prestigious competition centered around the innovative design of metal-organic framework materials dedicated to the quantum-enhanced capture of carbon dioxide. Given the substantial energy demands associated with direct air capture of carbon dioxide, the quest for more efficient filter materials has become imperative, with quantum computing presenting a promising avenue for enhancing these materials.

Esteemed jurors, drawn from influential entities such as AWS, IBM, Intel, Boehring Ingelheim, Evonik, BASF Chemovator, Verband der Chemischen Industrie, and Quantagonia, played a pivotal role in evaluating the submissions. The participation of such distinguished experts underscored the significance of the competition and the cutting-edge nature of the solutions presented.

The top three teams that secured positions of distinction in this groundbreaking competition were as follows:

  1. QBee (Kourosh Sayar Dogahe, Tamara Sarac, and Delphine De Smedt)
  2. JetiX (Gopal Ramesh Dahale)
  3. QuantuX (Phung Cheng Fei, Tuomas Sorakivi, Jesmer Wong, Karim Elgammal)

This triumph not only solidifies QBee’s position at the forefront of quantum computational chemistry but also highlights the collaborative efforts of diverse teams dedicated to addressing the pressing global issue of carbon dioxide capture. The competition’s emphasis on quantum computing as a catalyst for advancing material design underscores the transformative potential of interdisciplinary collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for the challenges posed by climate change.

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The competition pitch day:

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