Quantum technology startup in ideation phase

QBee activities are led by 4 experienced researchers,  3 of them in Computer Engineering and one in Chemistry.  PhD students working for QBee are working on Quantum Genetics supervised by  Aritra Sarkar and Quantum Chemistry supervised by Tamara Sarac.  Their algorithms are stored in the Quantum Library and used by the different team members.
Imran Ashraf and Koen Bertels take care of the lower layers in the full stack, starting abt the quantum programming level up to the QBeeSim simulator or a physical chip if available.

For each of the experts, we are currently hiring a number of PhD students who are fascinated by the quantum dimension in various fields.

Quantum Team

Koen Bertels

He is a professor at the University of Gent (BE) responsible for quantum computer engineering research. The goal is to create a quantum accelerator, based on the PISQ-methodology. The emphasis is more on the QC-logic rather than the number of qubits.

He decided to create QBee.eu to start working with industrial companies such that more application fields are looked at from a QC-logic point of view.

Very important is that QBee has a first client, a large EU-based space company.

QBee is also still looking for a good CEO and more investors. The way forward has clearly been found and we need more collaboration with other startups, universities and companies to make it in a real-world computational accelerator.

Imran Ashraf

PhD in Computer Engineering, has been working very intensively on the quantum compiler. First for the OpenQL language that the team in Delft created but we are now switching to the Qiskit platform where the OpenQASM language, launched by IBM generates the code that can be executed. Dr. Ashraf is responsible for translating OpenQASM to cQASM, the language we developed, and which is used by the micro-architecture.  He also works on the Qiskit platform to provide it with the features certain application fields need.

Aritra Sarkar

Co-founder of QBee

Ph.D. (2022) from TU Delft on “Applications of Quantum Computation and Algorithmic Information for Causal Modeling in Genomics and Reinforcement Learning”.

He was a Scientist in the Indian Space Research Organisation till 2016. Aritra’s interest is in automated reasoning and quantum programming, which can be applied to societal and scientific problems.

Tamara Sarac

PhD in Chemistry, originally came from Serbia but she studied Chemistry in Louvain-la-Neuve, leading also to a PhD.  She is responsible for the definition of the concepts and quantum algorithms for chemistry as that is one of the main target areas for QBee.  She is heavily studying quantum concepts and realizes that the transition to a quantum aspect leads indeed to new insights and understanding of the quantum chemical processes companies need.

Mohamed Yassine Ferjani

Researcher, Quantum cryptography and algorithms

Kourosh Sayar Dogahe

Researcher, Computational chemistry, molecular modeling, and quantum algorithms

Hongfeng Zhang

Researcher, Quantum Algorithms on Genomic Applications

Delphine De Smedt

Researcher, quantum-accelerated satellite image classification and quantum machine learning

Students from the University of Gent

QBee wants to receive more students who want to do their MSc thesis work on various topics such as Chemistry, Genetics for the algorithmic aspects, quantum programming language, micro-architecture or the simulator.

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