Quantum application - the technology revolution

About QBee\(^2\)

QBee\(^2\) is going through a restructuring phase.

In 10 years, classical hardware will stop growing in performance. Quantum computing is the only alternative, available technology.

The core approach of QBee\(^2\) is to start from the classical algorithms, understand the solutions they provide and define those problems in the Quantum Computing Logic way, called QC-logic.

We stay active on developing quantum computer software in the following fields:

Quantum genetics:

     Quantum Genome Sequencing: was developed and tested using industrial classical software, originally developed by BlueBee.

     Quantum Vaccine Development: using mRNA, we are now working on a version of vaccine algorithms.

Quantum Computational Chemistry:

     Using VQE-algorithms, we look at chemistry problems and define them in a QC-logic way.

     Deloitte GE competition: QBee\(^2\) won the German Deloitte competition on global warming.

     This paper is interesting to read: "Toward" Metal-Organic Framework Design by Quantum Computing.

Quantum Earth Observation (EO):

     Satellite images for EO: those images provide information on many challenges of this planet. Examples are coastal dynamics industrial disasters, city evolution, natural disasters,…

     Quantum EO algorithms: given the huge amount of images, scalable compute power is needed. In addition, those algorithms are also relevant to explore the planet Mars.

Contact QBee\(^2\)

Email: koen.bertels@qbee.eu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qbeex/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@QBeeQuantum